Virtual GT 101

Virtual GT 101

Monday, April 12, 2021 5:00 PM to 7:30PM

Join DCSD's Advanced Academics and Gifted Programming and Douglas County Association for Gifted and Talented (DCAGT) as we provide a variety of breakout sessions for parents that are new to gifted as well as those who have lived the gifted life for some time. We will cover topics of interest to those with young students to those who are well into high school. All sessions are only 30 minutes each.

Specific login information will be available at: (DCAGT Facebook Page) or join us from 5:00 to 5:30 P.M. on Google Meets for our whole group introduction session and to receive the links for the sessions.

Attend sessions in a specific strand or pick your sessions a la carte! We want to provide you and your family with the information that is most valuable to you. The main session and all breakout sessions will be available to view on the DCAGT Facebook Page or the DCAGT YouTube Channel shortly after Virtual GT101 has concluded.

New to Gifted Strand

  • The GT Journey in DCSD: Learn about gifted identification, and what comes next including the Advanced Learning Plan and how parents are involved.

  • Programming Options and Advocacy: Join us to learn about different gifted programming options available in DCSD. We will help you understand how to advocate for your child’s needs.

  • Where did this come from? Social emotional issues of gifted: Gifted individuals share some characteristics that need understanding and nurturing. We will share what these intensities are, how to identify them and how to support them.

Academic Strand

  • Little Learners: We will focus on early gifted characteristics and supporting young learners from PreK through 2nd grade.

  • MS/HS programming/ALP: Join us to learn about what the Advanced Learning Plan looks like in middle and high school and how your child can make it work for them to support programming choices.

  • Feeding gifts & talents outside of school: We will share how to help support academic and talent area needs beyond the classroom. We share how to help find your child’s passions and nurture them.

Social Emotional Strand

  • Advanced Social Emotional Support: This session is for parents who want a deeper understanding of their gifted child’s social emotional needs. We go beyond the basics to demonstrate how gifted intensities might present as children grow and change through a variety of factors.

  • School Based Social Emotional Learning for Gifted Students: We will share social emotional learning is supported through the Advanced Learning Plan and through clustered advisement and other opportunities.

  • LGBTQ+: Many children are experiencing LGBTQ+ concerns either directly or indirectly. We have information and resources to help parents answer questions and find support for their children.

Parenting Strand

  • Kitchen table conversations about Social Justice and Equity - resources for families: This has been a big year for social justice and equity conversations. DCSD has been working on and just passed our Equity Policy. Join a conversation about resources available for gifted students who have concerns for the world.

  • The Twice Exceptional balancing act: You know you have a 2E child (or suspect that you do). How do you balance the often extreme academic and social emotional gifted needs with a learning concern or disability?

  • You are not alone! Collaborative discussion with other parents: Join DCAGT and members of the district GT team to talk about how to get connected with other parents, how to get involved and we will answer as many questions as we can.

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